About Us

Universal began business in 1999 as a contractor upgrading cable television
systems and helping companies prepare for the digital and high speed internet age. Universal acknowledged the need for top quality fiber optic installation crews and began to build a team of professionals to meet the demand. Universal grew immensely by offering attention to every detail, top safety / quality standards and a sense of urgency to every customer. Universal has established the best solutions to any project demand. We have installed and upgraded nearly 6,000 miles of fiber and broadband plant since our inception and expect to add to that number significantly in the next few years with the huge demand for fiber deployment.
What sets us apart? Our customers will tell you that its “ease of mind.” Let’s face it, no matter the size of your project, you have to trust the contractor you select has your best interest in mind. Universal offers ease of mind by making your project the most important task at hand no matter the size. We take pride in our work and we guarantee we are the best in the industry today!


At Universal Communications, it is our absolute obligation to our employees and the public to ensure that our projects are conducted in the safest manner. Safety is the number one factor in planning all stages of your project at hand.  No shortcuts are tolerated and Universal complies with all local, state and federal safety standards.   OSHA reporting and regulations are strictly adhered to and records are available for review.   Weekly safety training sessions take place at each of our offices and extensive new hire safety orientation has been development to ensure our employees start out with safety in mind.  Universal has a dedicated full time Safety Director on staff.  Contact David Krantz with questions or feedback regarding safety in our industry.  dkrantz@universal-com.com or 573-528-1242


Application for Employment

JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY!! We are looking for experienced and non-experienced individuals to join the Universal team. Please fill out the employment application above and either fax to the corporate office or email to info@universal-com.com

Contractors Application

If you are a top notch telecommunication contractor and looking for your next project, contact us today. Please fill out the subcontractor information sheet above and either fax to the corporate office or email to info@universal-com.com